The Best Way to Use Chalk Markers

pour-blackboardWelcome! Just wanted to share my experiences with chalk markers!

Chalk markers are a relatively new product and many people have never heard of them. These colorful markers can be used on any hard surface, but it is not advisable to use them on porous surfaces because it may be difficult or impossible to remove the material.

Some people have tried the chalk markers on the front of their refrigerator with great results. This is a very convenient spot for making a grocery list and leaving notes for family members. They report the chalk markers do not create any dust at all and can easily be removed with a damp cloth or microfiber sponge. It is not recommended to use the markers on brushed stainless steel surfaces.

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Chalk markers work a little different than the dry erase pens that many people use. At first it may seem there is not enough ink in the pen, but pushing the marker tip down gently on a piece of paper or a napkin for half a minute gets the pen working just fine. The colored ink glides smoothly onto the writing surface and dries quickly.

The ink in chalk markers is water based and can be used on any non-porous surface such as dry erase boards, ceramics, mirrors and windshields. The markers are popular with businesses such as retail stores and restaurants. Since the ink drys quickly and wipes off easily, advertising special promotions and products is just a snap, and the message can be quickly changed. Since the intense colors are also fluorescent, the message will stand out boldly to attract attention.

People sometimes mistakenly believe chalk markers are intended for use on chalk boards or blackboards. Actually, the ink is not easily removed from these surfaces and the disappointed user may need to replace their chalk board. This is because the typical blackboard surface is too porous so the ink is absorbed too much to be washed off.

Some people recommend priming a chalkboard with regular chalk first before using a chalk marker on it. Cover the whole board with a regular stick of chalk and wiping it away fills in some of the porous texture so the ink from a chalk marker can be removed with water or alcohol. Since it can be difficult to completely remove the chalk marker ink even on a primed board, this does not seem like a good idea. It would be better to just use the marker on the recommended surfaces that are easy to clean.

Chalk Markers Are Great Tools!

You can use chalk markers to write on a surface and then they can easily be wiped away. While they are useful in a number of ways, you should do some research to see if they will work for you. Here is some information on them to get you started.

Get multicolored chalk markers so that you can easily determine what is important on a board and what fits together. For instance, you can write math problems in red, and then the answers can be in yellow. When you have multiple colors it can also be cheaper to just get a package of them instead of one marker at a time. Either way, make sure you’re working with a variety of colors to make what you are writing stand out. It is useful for a teacher to have one color and students another in a classroom situation.

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Make sure you check over whether or not you can use these kinds of markers on certain surfaces. The best way to go about finding out what these are good for would be for you to look through the various reviews on websites where they are sold. When you do this you can see if there are any complaints about the chalk markers damaging certain surfaces or find out when they are hard to wipe off. Avoid using them against the information in their directions so that you don’t end up damaging something on accident.

Are you buying in bulk? If so that will help you out if you want to save money, but be sure that the brand is well known and something you are familiar with. You don’t want to end up ordering a lot of these just to figure out that they are not what you wanted and won’t work for you. When you make your first order it may be good just to get one set to try out that brand. Then once you are happy with what you have you can order enough for a long while as long as they aren’t known to dry out if you don’t use them.

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After reading this you should be able to tell if chalk markers are right for you. They are great for the classroom or even for business use. Whatever you decide to do make sure you keep this information in mind about them as you decide whether or not they are good for your needs.


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